Work done by me in Nuke, After Effects, Maya, Mocha and Photoshop.

Shot Work Done
Shot 1-4: CG Elements / Live Action plate integration.
Shot 5: Fire enhancement, take combination, equipment paint out and ground replacement.
Shot 6-7: Fire enhancement.
Shot 8: Element Combo, green screen, tracking, prop recreation.
Shot 9: Flares, light and slide animation.
Shots 10-14: Vein effects.
Shot 15: Prosthestic paint out.
Shot 16: Head rock created by painting out head, replacing it with a 3D model made in Maya, and projecting the surface back onto it in Nuke.
Shot 17: Smoke and atmosphere added. Rubber bayonets painted out and replaced.
Shot 18: Sky keyed and replaced. Explosions and smoke added. Harness in lower left hand corner painted out and soldiers behind it restored.
Shot 19: Actor painted out of green screen plate, hair restored.
Shot 20: Smoke, explosions and extra soldiers added.
Shot 21: Painted out harness and string.
Shot 22: Green screen key and bg replacement.
Shot 23: Removed tracking markers, changed dress color.
Shot 24: Actors rotoed. Monster animated, lit, rendered and comped.
Shot 25: Monster animated, lit, rendered and comped.